Sunday, 28 November 2010

My first ever fair :D

Yesterday was so great day for me!
I'm so pleased that for the first time in my live
I've sold my jewellery on Xmas Fair. That's so wonderfull
to show people my work and to have such a nice and warm feedback.

My sister was so kind that she asked me to join her on the fair.
Thanks Decoromana :) (Just have a look on her blog how beautiful
Tatted jewellery she does ! )

I really enjoy myself and hope to do it again.

Thanks to everybody who came to see our exhibition and bought jewellery.

Hope that you'll be very pleased.


  1. Thank you, my Little Sister :) It was a fantastic day :)

  2. Bardzo się cieszę ze jesteś zadowolona z pierwszych targów :-)
    Szkoda ze nie mogłam tego zobaczyć :-(

  3. beautiful tatting earing bye!!


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